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Among springs and volcanoes

Duration: 4 Hours
From: Fiaiano, Ischia, NA, Italia
To: Fiaiano, Ischia, NA, Italia
Languages: Italian, English, German
Scale: 1 - 20 people
Max group size: 20
Categories: Excursions
Transportation: On foot
The excursion takes place with a minimum of 15 participants

A unique excursion for the variety of landscapes and glimpses that give the walker a strong experience from a sensory and emotional point of view, enriched by the tradition that lives on in the land recovery project in the Cannavale area. Impossible to lose it.

It starts from the horse stables in Fiaiano and goes up the opposite stairs carved into the mountain. Given the strong exposure of this first section, the predominant vegetation is that typical of the Mediterranean scrub, in which the fragrant essences of myrtle stand out enriched by the aromas of wild mint and thyme, lavender and other aromatic plants.

You then arrive at the "White quarry", so-called due to the strong presence of pumice  and lapilli and from there, continuing the ascent, you then enter a chestnut wood at the foot of Monte Trippodi (502 a.s.l.), until you reach Piano San Paolo, an old fossil beach, evidence of the submerged past of a part of the island.

Leaving the wood and starting the descent, the landscape opens up, offering a complete glimpse of the Gulf of Naples, with the Phlegrean islands, the Phlegraean fields, Vesuvius and the Lattari Mountains.

It is the path that leads to Cannavale, an excellent example of a return to the peasant traditions of the past, where there will be a visit to the estate and where it will be possible to taste strictly 0 km products.

The route ends with the return to Fiaiano (near the Decò supermarket).

The excursion takes place with a minimum number of 15 participants

Duration: 4 hours
Difficulty: E
Difference in altitude: 250 m
Downhill altitude difference: 300 m
Maximum altitude: 502 m
Length of the route: 6 km
Departure: Fiaiano (near the horse stables) at 17.00
Arrival: Fiaiano (near the Deco' supermarket)
Route: Horse stables (Fiaiano), Cava Bianca, Piano San Paolo, Monte Trippodi, Cannavale Fiaiano
Equipment: mandatory trekking shoes and layered clothing, headlamp or flashlight, water
Cost: €43 with Expert Environmental Excursion Guide; visit and tasting of organic products at Km 0 at a local agricultural and organic estate.
Booking: compulsory and possible by 8.00 pm of the previous day

It is not available at this moment
Important information
  • Expert environmental hiking guide.
  • Visit and tasting of organic products at Km 0 at a local agricultural and organic estate
  • Shuttle Service
  • Cancellation possible up to 24 hours before the start of the same


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